Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm not happy

I'm walking at the T-junction..don't know which way gonna be my way. Somebody please give me a hand or show me the road.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Today, (Friday) the 7th of August 2009, you lived through two unique moments of the Gregorian calendar.

Today afternoon at 12:34:56pm and at 12:34:56am the figures come up as 123456.

The figures 789 are for the date 7th, the month of August 8 and the year 2009.

Run in sequence it becomes 123456789.

You can live through it again if you live for a 100 years from now when it will be 2109, with the same time and date.

Not a new post!

Think of something accidentally..You can bluff the whole world but you can't bluff yourselves. I can tell the whole world that I'm OK and make fun with them..but i know my feeling inside my heart...Deep inside my heart.

Listening to Jazz.....and is time to face the problem POSITIVELY.


Write 2 blogs within few hours..haha..When I don't have mood to write, there are no new post for around a month. :p Mayb I can qualified under abnormal category.

Maybe I'm quite free today and not in good mood. Everybody is happy out there because today is my bro's convocation but I'm alone at home. In this kind of situation, i prefer to stay alone, at least i got chance to cool down and clear my mind. I know I've to wait and can't be keep on pressing myself but I'm just a normal human in certain extend. I scare that I can't handle "double attack".

Stay positive please! Just wait patiently and things might be good and not as worth as I think. Remember what you've read in "the secret"? As long as you think positively then good things will come to you must control your anxiety. Positive! You can choose to have a joyful or unpleasant day. Cheer up~ I can overcome it, I can make it!! Positive!!

If you feel that the more you study then you can release yourselves then just go ahead.

(P/s: For those who want to leave a negative comment, please GO AWAY!)


Today is my bro's convocation. Congrats ken, graduate lo..haha..Feel a bit sad because i fail to attend your convocation but i think it gonna be a great day not only to you but all our family members. We love you!!!

I went for second interview just now. In certain extend, i'm not that honest, ha! Anyway. I blame myself for not selling myself very good. I should perform better. :( What to do, over already..just wait for 2-3 weeks then i'll know the result...God, please po pi me :p