Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is another blog that I would like to comment about politic in Malaysia. I know there are lots of constraint in commenting in internet. My country is not as open as US or other developed countries. There are Multimedia Act and ISA to keep an eye on us. Ha!

Recently there are few actions from MACC eg, bring Dr Ling to drink coffee and Sime Darby's GM case. Beside this, they are taking ICAC (HK) as benchmark. The most funny thing is they use ICAC as benchmark but their action is not as transparent as them. There are too much power in MACC's hand. Can this call LPPL (talk = no talk, not sense)

I watched a local program in Astro yesterday. They interview the citizens of this lovely country. Their comments are as per following:-

1) They just make movies only.
2) All the Datuk, Politician sure won't get charged.
3) There are trying to do big things but not sure can work or not etc.

Ha! What a shame..Your peoples not even have confidence in you. Lastly i believe that the result would like other case, no story at the end or government will "control" the media.

Pity to Teoh Beng Hock.....who die in MACC's building......


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