Sunday, September 5, 2010


This term become very popular few years ago. It mean a woman who reach marriage age but still single.

I've lots of old sms which i still kept in my phone and i found a friend send me a message regarding this term. I feel that I definitely have this potential to become a 败犬. No, this is a fact. Ha! Due to this, I've to ensure that I have to perform better in other field of my life.

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One who has been changed said...

Society will set time for various things but the only thing to be concerned about is what God wants for your life. God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price(but choice is ours to make). Check out book of John in the Bible to find how to be changed from the inside out. Choose well as life is short and eternity is forever.